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Health Information

Pertussis/Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is the common name for pertussis, a highly contagious respiratory tract infection. Pertussis is marked by a severe, hacking cough followed by a high-pitched intake of breath that sounds like "whoop." Whooping cough has been on the rise, causing many California school-aged children to get sick.


If your child is entering grade 7 in the fall, or is new to California and is in grade 7-12, a California school immunization law (AB 354) requires your child to have proof of a whooping cough booster shot (also called Tdap) in order to attend school. You can bring proof of the vaccination to the school a few days before the start of your child's 7th grade year, or on the 1st day of school. For more information and where you can get the Tdap vaccine, visit the SFUSD site.

FMS Wellness Center

Francisco Middle School has an onsite Wellness Center to provide a safe, supportive environment in the school where students can go to discuss a variety of issues from depression, grief, self-esteem, family life and stress to dating violence, sexual identity and gang involvement. The Wellness Programs provide culturally competent services in a confidential, nonjudgmental space staffed with professionals who are dedicated to improving the health, well-being and educational outcomes of all students. Through both on-campus programming and community-based partnerships, students receive coordinated health education, assessment, counseling and other support services at no cost.

FMS School Nurse

Francisco Middle School has a part-time school nurse located in the Wellness Center.  Our nurse is a registered nurses with a state of California School Nurse Credential, and serves as a health expert, educator, case manager, advisor on behavioral strategies and interventions, participant in school site teams that support student wellness, and liaison between the school, the family and the community. 


The school nurse focuses on prevention, early detection and management of health and behavioral concerns at school sites.   If your child has special health needs or allergies, please discuss this with the school nurse.