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Ways to Contribute

Students have many different learning styles and our teachers are constantly seeking ways to best help their students. Instructional materials, equipment, and supplies can help both teachers and students advance comprehension and provide rewarding learning experiences.

You can help support these efforts by donating to the Francisco PTO directly, by granting Teachers' Wishes, or by purchasing materials or equipment through our alliances with provider organizations. Thank you for your consideration.

Direct Donations

Support the PTO with a direct donation.  No fees associated with credit or debit card payments at this link:


You can also download the form and send in a check, made out to "Francisco PTO". 

Passive Giving

Amazon Smile Program
This is one of the easiest ways to donate to Francisco, and it's virtually invisible to you. Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of your online purchases to the organization of your choice.  Set up "Francisco PTO" as your organization, and thereafter remember to go to to do your online shopping.  Here are all the details.


TPO Mobile
This Sprint-carrier will donate 10% of your mobile phone bill to the Francisco PTO.  Good plan for kids' phone.  Check out available plans here.   


Giving Through Programs

Printer Cartridges
The Francisco PTO partners with FundingFactory, a fundraising-through-recycling company.  Please drop off your used printer cartridges in the School Office to earn extra funding. Qualifying List of Cartridges.  If your workplace generates a lot of used printe cartridges, you can call FundingFactory (1.888.883.8237) and give the representative our School ID# - 304621. Free, prepaid shipping boxes will be sent directly to supporters who simply load the boxes and leave them for UPS pickup!


logo boxTops4Edu.jpg
BoxTops for Education
This popular program uses what you already have in your kitchen!  All you have to do is clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products and send them to school for collection. This fundraising program is ongoing, so keep collecting and submit them to the school. Here's a complete list of the products that qualify. 

Francisco PTO is a 501(c)(3)
non-profit organization.

Thank You
for helping the students at
Francisco Middle School.


Contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Teresa Dal Santo by email or by telephone at 415-308-9019 for additional information or help with enrolling in any of these programs.