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Top 15 Things Your Middle Schooler Wishes You Knew

1. Respect me. I'm my own person, not just your kid. Sometimes I might have opinions that differ from yours. Sometimes I just want to be your baby. Respect me either way.

2. I still want to have fun with you, and feel like home is safe and happy. Smile at me.

3. I need to make some of my own choices, and maybe some of my own mistakes. Don't do my work for me or get me out of every jam. You don't need to be better than me at everything. Don't condescend; you don't need to impart your elderly wisdom on me if I have a problem. Please wait for me to ask for your help. If I don't ask for it, I might want to work it out for myself. Let me rant without offering advice. Sometimes that's all I really need, just to talk my way through something and for you to just listen to me.

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Reprinted from the Huffington Post

Incoming Families

Francisco Middle School is one of 21 middle schools in the San Francisco Unified School District.  Located in the North Beach neighborhood in the northeastern corner of the City, the school is the "feeder school" for Garfield, Yick Wo, John Yehall Chin, Jean Parker, Tenderloin, and Chinese Education Center elementary schools. Francisco is also a Newcomer Pathway school offering English instruction to our English Language Learner students.  

We have approximately 450 students in General Education, and 150 students in English Language Learning classes. 


Middle school in general is very different from elementary school in several important ways: 

  • Kids expected to be more mature and adhere to school rules. 

  • Students have lockers and will use combination locks.  

  • Students rotate classrooms in "block learning": Math/Science in a 90-minute class, and English/Social Studies in a 90-minute class.  

  • PE is daily, and more structured.

  • Electives are offered as year-round orchestra or an "Electives Wheel" with new genres rotated every 9 weeks. 

  • Safety Staff are on-campus throughout the day to ensure the safety of students.

  • Parents are expected to sign up for the district-wide communication system called Gradebook for All ParentVue to stay in touch with school events and updates.  Teachers rarely send out notices to parents directly. 


At Francisco specifically, we offer many strengths: 

  • Beautiful, well-maintained facilities offer room for everyone.  We have a large outdoor space for students' free time and PE activities, a large library and two computer labs, a theater/multipurpose space, a separate building housing the gym, exercise rooms, orchestra and piano spaces. 

  • The athletics program offers soccer for boys and girls, softball for girls, baseball for boys, basketball for girls and boys, and track for girls and boys.  Practices are held during the week near or at school, and games or meets are held during the school week.  Uniforms are provided.  Transportation is a mix of charter buses and Muni.  While all the sports have "try-outs," Francisco is a small school and many students get a chance to play on teams, even if they have never played before.  

  • The award-winning orchestra 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students perform with the SF Opera and twice a year for families. 

  • Many of the staff and teachers at Francisco are FMS alums with deep roots in the community and decades of teaching middle-school students.

  • Francisco's after-school program is open to all students at a nominal fee and offers homework help, athletics, clubs, leadership opportunities, and more. 

  • Students are free to start up "Lunchtime Clubs" on their own, or join those run by staff or teachers. Here's a sample of those run by Beacon. 

  • FMS offers free lunch and breakfast for all students, regardless of income.

  • Francisco's location in the dense North Beach neighborhood means that children have choices after school.  The nearby Joe DiMaggio Playground with large hardpark, the indoor swimming pool, the North Beach library, and the Salesians Boys and Girls Club with low-cost membership offer students many places to congregate after school in safe, protected environments while offering a growing sense of freedom. 

  • The Parent Teacher Organization, a non-profit, 501(c)3, provides fundraising structure and provides teachers with grants for classroom activities and supplies.

School Tours

Thursdays at 10AM
For more information, call us at 415-291-7900 or send an email to with the subject "School Tour."

Chinese translation will be provided on all tours

FMS Brochures

FMS Lunch Clubs


Check out the Weekly Newsletters

FMS families who have signed up on the district's Gradebook for All ParentVue system receive a weekly newsletters of the goings-on at FMS.  Check out some of the newsletters here.  

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We have launched a Google Group to help us share information and answer questions. Please join! Request to be added here.

What about the PTO?

The PTO meets monthly to plan activities for students and parents, and hear the Principal's Report. 

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