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Lorraine Orlandi                  Beacon Director; 415 956-1234

Vanessa Olivarez                  Program Manager; (415) 398-5015


Beacon Office Room 109 

First Floor at Francisco Middle School

Applications available in English, Chinese and Spanish


Neighborhood Center

Beacon After School Locker
7/11/17 9:06 AM
7/11/17 9:26 AM
10/19/18 4:20 PM

Beacon After School

Francisco-North Beach Chinatown Beacon After School Program
Francisco-NBC Beacon After School Program 2017

Beacon After-School Program 2018-19 is going strong.

Applications are accepted year-round ! 

(*Updated registration will soon be available for download in the Beacon School Loop Locker on the left column of this page)

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North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center is a collaboration of numerous community organization partnerships providing free on-site services to Francisco Middle School students and families.

The mission of the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon Center is to transform the school experience for Francisco Middle School students and their families by creating centers of care and learning to help young people develop the resources and skills they need to succeed. Some of these services include counseling, mentorship, case management and lunchtime activities.

Learn more by calling (415) 956-1234 or (415) 398-5015.

The NBC Beacon After-School Program

The NBC Beacon After-School Program is a comprehensive community-based program at Francisco Middle School. Youth receive extra academic support and can also take advantage of enrichment and recreational opportunities, develop their leadership skills, and feel connected and supported in our Beacon community.

Enrollment Packet

All students are encouraged to sign up for this free program, but space is limited, so there may be a waiting list. Please visit THE MAIN OFFICE for applications or download here at the *Beacon After-School Locker on the left column. More information on the North Beach-Chinatown Beacon website.


The NBC Beacon after school program is available every school day Monday - Friday from 3:17 pm - 6:30 pm. 

Sign In & Community Time in the Cafeteria

Community time is a shared time and space where youth sign in, enjoy their after school meal, are welcomed by staff, and where they can unwind from a long day at school. Community time is always a positive way to transition into program. It can feel like a celebration with music playing daily, food, games and prizes. Youth receive important information about the clubs and activities of the day and academic support options.  There are activity stations, students can earn reward tickets for raffle prizes and socialize with their peers and the staff. This is also a time that youth are acknowledged and celebrated for student of the month recognitions, birthdays and good behavior. And it’s a time when NBC Beacon program leaders instill community values.

Academics, Enrichment & Recreation

Academic support and enrichment are offered to all youth during our after-school program. Youth can receive help from various teachers who open up their classrooms for small group tutoring. Youth can also receive tutoring in the JCYC-ETS club, a homework completion program, that provides tutoring from college tutors.

Teachers and Beacon staff offer a wide variety of Enrichment and Recreation options for youth to choose from. See above for the schedule of Block 2 programming currently under way: 

Community clean Up

Each day after academic, enrichment and recreational clubs are over, youth work with staff to close out program. As a team, youth and staff work together to put supplies and equipment away, clean up and regroup. During community time, youth and staff gather and reflect on the day. Youth and staff share out a highlight from their day or something they would do differently tomorrow. As a community we listen and learn from each other and help support one another.

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